Tuesday, May 24, 2011


     Long ago the Rainbow Bridge between man and the heart of nature was closed, till a time in the future when the old ones would walk the earth once more together with humans.
The earth's indigenous people, poets and storytellers were the keepers and protectors of the human connection till our return. 
The astrological alignment on November 11, 2011 will assist in the re-connection of the Rainbow Bridge. The bridge was closed first in England and will be reopened first on Kaua'i and then spread throughout the world. 
Since that time so long ago, Kaua'i has been energetically connected to England through the heart of Mother Earth. This was a gift to us from the old ones on their departure.
We will be having a tribute, to the nations in nature November 11.  
You can reach me at jeannieruman@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kaua'i Sunrise


  A Stargate appears at sunrise, rising from the ocean depths. On the horizon far left, a glimpse of the city of light shrouded by clouds, waits for our return. The key that unlocks the door to other Nations behind the veil, lies in the chamber of the heart protected by Divine love.
Most of the photographs will enlarge if you click on them.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Thank you Mother Earth for letting me make my
home on your fertile body.
I feel your heart beating in rhythm with my own
heart song.
I dance with the movement of your rivers.
Thank you for the mountain nation pointing
the pathway to the Star People,twinkling with 
the pulse of the Universe.
Thank you Mother for your gentle caress; 
carried by the Wind Spirit.
The ocean breezes whisper your love for
all of life, above and below your surface;
In your seen and unseen world.
Let me walk softly on you and
give me the knowledge to
live in harmony as part of the
Gossamer Web, cradled in the arms of the
Great Spirit!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The tree nation stands tall, greeting us into their home of ancient giants of the forest.

In the  second picture of a Kaua'i forest nature opened its hidden kingdom. Look closely. There is much to see!
There are moss people in the foregrounds, a Fairy in the center and two wizards in upper right hand corner.

The third photograph was taken while I was meandering in one of the forest of Kaua'i, when the spirit of an albesia tree appeared to me. Walk slowly on the forest floor. Let your heart guide your steps into the Nations in Nature.


Deep within nature exists the heart of the Faery Kingdom, protected for centuries with Divine love. This gentle kingdom was taken into the mist, out of our reach, till man grew into love for all of life in all of creation.
The time has come that on 11-11-11 the configuration in the stars are creating a path for the Rainbow Bridge between man and the Heart of Faery to be united once more, for those of us who have chosen to be in our hearts. In fact the heart is the key to the inner chambers of this kingdom.
There will be a full moon on November 11. Some astrological highlights are:
Mercury will be at exactly the same degree as Venus, which will help us to think with our hearts. Both will be in line with our new vision and path of growth. Also Chiron (it's the archetypes are the Wounded Healer, and the Rainbow Bridge) will be opposite Mars in the feminine sign of Pisces and the heart sign of Leo. This will assist us in healing ancient wounds of our heart, connecting our body mind and Spirit with our hearts and the return of the Rainbow Bridge.
The Island of Kauai with the galactic center over our Island will assist in our ceremony. We will gather in Sacred circle, creating a loving space for the heart of humanity and the Old Ones to walk side by side once more, birthing the Golden Age together. The Earth and the Ancient Ones will feel our love as we unite in the old language of one heart song through music.
Some of the sharing will be harp music, from Renee Janton and Wanda Toal, Jeanne Russell toning "HU" Donna Su, in a gratitude to nature, C' opening with conch shell, Sharon West, Carolyn Ritchie, Jeannie Ruman, Crystal bowl and didjeridu,  Isa Maria on Drum, and the Kauai Goddess Chant Choir. Songs composed by Shawna Carol, Choir director Daniel Nelson.
If you are not able attend the gathering on Kauai, you can form a circle to the Heart of Faery where you live on November 11. It's a special day throughout the world. Wherever you can come together in love, that is the perfect place for the birthing of the Rainbow Bridge.
This is a free event. 
 You can email me at jeannieruman@yahoo.com