Thursday, November 3, 2011


A Tribute  from the Heart of Humanity 
To the Heart of Faery
A Love Song to Nature 

Rain or shine 
 WE will have a 20 x 30 tent

C/Sea and Renee Janton ~ Conch Shell

E Ho Mai Chant

Kauai Goddess Chant Choir
Calling in the four directions
Bless our Planet

Dawna Su ~ Vigel` Gitar ~ Renee ~ Flute
Gratitude to Nature

Jeanne Russell ~ Renee Harp
Gratitude to he Ocean

Harp Transmission
Wanda Toal and Renee Janton

Kimi Sadoyoma Poems
Jeannie Roman  ~ Didjeridu
Renee ~ Flute

 Kauai Goddess Chant Choir
Medley of  Songs
Shawna Carol ~ composer
Daniel Nelson ~ Director

Isa Maris ~ Tribute to Mother Earth

Heart Crystal Bowl ~  Jeannie Ruman
with Sharon West ~ toning
Carolyn Ritchie ~ Sharon West ~ Jeannie Ruman ~ Didjeridu
all join in

 Kauai Goddess Chant Choir
Closing Circle